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Synergy Airwaves is a social justice podcast bringing together fellow activists, educators, cooperators, artists, and all those searching for a better way. Episodes evolve through shared stories of what it means to exist and resist at this current moment. Discussions focus on the diverse ways individuals and organizations are building solutions and affecting greater social change.

Episode 4 – Kyle DeVries and DoubleSnake of the Groundswell Institute

MD and I visit the Groundswell Institute, an ecovillage and lgbtqi retreat center in Yorkville, CA – just two hours north of San Francisco. We interview Kyle Devries, director of the institute and DoubleSnake, one of the founding members and facilitator of the Queer Forestry camp.

Episode 3 – Hnin Hnin

In this episode, we talk with Hnin Hnin, Co-Director of CoFED, an organization working to address food sovereignty issues on college campuses. At the time of this recording, we were still in a bit of shock from the recent Presidential election, but the conversation is a lifting one in terms of centering what is most important; direct solutions.

Episode 2 – Adrionna Fike

As many of us come together this Thursday for what some now call the National Day of Mourning, Synergy Airwaves talks to Adrionna Fike, co-owner of Mandela Foods Cooperative, a local grocer in West Oakland. Since cooking is on the minds of many as the holidays approach, we wanted to tempt your palate with some food for thought.

Episode 1 – Noni Session

Cathy and I were recently shopping at Mandela Foods, our local worker owned grocery co-op (and a subject of our next episode), when we met Noni Session, a local organizer and politician running for City Council, who happened to have worker owned co-ops on her platform.